Back to training.

Since I’ve already attempted the 2 challenges which I set myself at the start of the year, I can’t really claim to be training for anything in particular. I do, however, like to maintain my fitness and think that I’ve improved this year, so don’t want to lose what I’ve gained. Since trying my biggestContinue reading “Back to training.”

A recovery ride.

Due to Covid 19 I haven’t had a weekend camping trip so far this year but last weekend a wrong was righted. I left my wife and dog at home and spent Saturday night near York in my tent. 7 of us had ridden our old scooters for another memorable trip. Needless to say weContinue reading “A recovery ride.”

A target achieved at last.

In January I set myself some targets for this years mountain biking. I haven’t had too many attempts at most of them but one target has stubbornly resisted me despite multiple attempts. When you keep missing the target it becomes a psychological as well as physical battle. I was starting to struggle with the beliefContinue reading “A target achieved at last.”

Trying a fast lap.

If you’ve read my blogs before you’ll have noticed that I ride Healey Nab a lot. It’s only 15 minutes ride away and has a series of man made MTB trails as well as some good natural riding. Last year I rode the red route in 11 minutes 12 seconds and one of this year’sContinue reading “Trying a fast lap.”

Clear blue skies.

Today we’ve had fantastic weather. Not a cloud in the sky all day. Despite the popular term “April showers” it’s not unusual for us to have a good, dry month in April. Before the vegetation grows too high it can be some of the best mountain biking of the year. Today I returned to theContinue reading “Clear blue skies.”