The mathematics of a boat.

Did you leave school and think you’d never need mathematics again? I didn’t. I’ve been doing various engineering projects over the years including 5 self designed, self built sportscars, one of which was battery powered. I built a suspension fork for my Proflex mountain bike around 18 months ago. I built a timber framed extensionContinue reading “The mathematics of a boat.”


Younger readers might think that I’m about to review an exciting new mountain bike called the Sciatica, whilst older readers are likely to know that sciatica is a debilitating pain in the legs! Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve which runs from the spine to the legs. It causes a sharp painContinue reading “Sciatica……”

A pleasant surprise.

I’ve been thinking of going to an area which I rode regularly 20 years and more ago. Today I did and was pleasantly surprised. I rode the segment “Drop to Birky” where I set a new fastest time on my last ride. I noticed how much easier the Boardman is to ride fast on theContinue reading “A pleasant surprise.”

2 rides whilst tired.

I’ve been doing plenty of hard work at home in addition to daily dog walks so on my last 2 rides I’ve felt tired. I don’t know much about the science of training in this state. If I start out already tired will training improve my stamina? I realise that I won’t be out forContinue reading “2 rides whilst tired.”


Last year I used spacers to reduce the air volume in my forks. I had noticed that the performance on repeated small bumps wasn’t as good as my older bikes on a bike less than 2 years old. Unfortunately I made 2 changes to the fork at the same time so I never really knewContinue reading “Pop!”

MTB maintenance.

My Boardman full suspension bike had developed play in the main pivot bearings so I decided to replace them myself. I found that the bearings I bought were exactly the same as a bike I’d owned a few years ago. That was an Orange 5. I could have saved some money! I used a viceContinue reading “MTB maintenance.”

A ride in the mist.

The weather today was misty which meant that it was also still. It hasn’t rained significantly for a good few days but at this time of year the trails were never going to dry up. Yesterday I did some servicing on my Boardman bike and found that I needed new rear brake pads which I’veContinue reading “A ride in the mist.”