The mathematics of a boat.

Did you leave school and think you'd never need mathematics again? I didn't. I've been doing various engineering projects over the years including 5 self designed, self built sportscars, one of which was battery powered. I built a suspension fork for my Proflex mountain bike around 18 months ago. I built a timber framed extension … Continue reading The mathematics of a boat.


Younger readers might think that I'm about to review an exciting new mountain bike called the Sciatica, whilst older readers are likely to know that sciatica is a debilitating pain in the legs! Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve which runs from the spine to the legs. It causes a sharp pain … Continue reading Sciatica……

Great Hill. A great ride.

Today I thought for a long time about where I should ride. I considered Rivington, which has plenty of choice of popular rides. I also thought about some other local riding, relearning some old trails ready to ride them when the weather dries up. I finally decided to ride Great Hill because it is an … Continue reading Great Hill. A great ride.

A ride in the mist.

The weather today was misty which meant that it was also still. It hasn't rained significantly for a good few days but at this time of year the trails were never going to dry up. Yesterday I did some servicing on my Boardman bike and found that I needed new rear brake pads which I've … Continue reading A ride in the mist.

First ride since Christmas. Clicking on the link above should give you more information than you could possibly want about today's ride! Just click on the map for the details. It was good to get out today but with the rain we've had recently there were only 2 realistic choices of places to ride. I chose Healey Nab … Continue reading First ride since Christmas.

Wetter than an otter’s pocket!

I couldn't ride on Friday so it's been 5 days since my last ride. It's a shame because Friday was fairly dry but we've had a lot of rain since. I thought about a road ride but they don't really appeal, so I rode Healey nab. I covered 9.46 miles but only really did one … Continue reading Wetter than an otter’s pocket!