2 rides whilst tired.

I’ve been doing plenty of hard work at home in addition to daily dog walks so on my last 2 rides I’ve felt tired. I don’t know much about the science of training in this state. If I start out already tired will training improve my stamina? I realise that I won’t be out forContinue reading “2 rides whilst tired.”

Back to my roots!

Not a tale of my origins in Yorkshire but a great ride this afternoon to Brinscall Woods. The picture at the top shows a few roots at the bottom of a fantastic downhill section. It has loads of exposed roots and some big drop offs where the ground has eroded under the tree roots. It’sContinue reading “Back to my roots!”

More suspension testing.

I have been trying my Rockshox Pike fork with different numbers of volume spacers in my last few ride. For todays ride I removed them all. This would give me a more linear spring rate, rather than starting soft and ramping up as the spring compressed. The expectation is that the fork wouldn’t perform asContinue reading “More suspension testing.”


Last year I used spacers to reduce the air volume in my forks. I had noticed that the performance on repeated small bumps wasn’t as good as my older bikes on a bike less than 2 years old. Unfortunately I made 2 changes to the fork at the same time so I never really knewContinue reading “Pop!”

Snow fun.

Actually, for me, it’s more like “it’s no fun”, rather than snow fun. I’ve never enjoyed riding in snowy conditions and we’ve had snow lying on the ground for the last week. Instead of riding, to help my fitness, I’ve done some long walks with my dog, Freddie. I walked up Great Hill on SundayContinue reading “Snow fun.”