Priorities of a mountain biker.

It would be simple if my only priority was to ride my bike though life might beĀ  little one dimensional. Today I wanted to fit in a bike ride especially since the weather forecast didn't look good. Rain this afternoon and a wet weekend with the chance of snow. What happened to the spring like … Continue reading Priorities of a mountain biker.

Great Hill. A great ride.

Today I thought for a long time about where I should ride. I considered Rivington, which has plenty of choice of popular rides. I also thought about some other local riding, relearning some old trails ready to ride them when the weather dries up. I finally decided to ride Great Hill because it is an … Continue reading Great Hill. A great ride.

More suspension testing.

I have been trying my Rockshox Pike fork with different numbers of volume spacers in my last few ride. For todays ride I removed them all. This would give me a more linear spring rate, rather than starting soft and ramping up as the spring compressed. The expectation is that the fork wouldn't perform as … Continue reading More suspension testing.

Testing and maintenance.

The recent snow has been washed away by rain so now we're back to mud! Still that's so often a mountain bikers life in the Northwest of England so I went out yesterday for a bit of fun. The weather forecast suggested that today would be rainy and they were right, so I was glad … Continue reading Testing and maintenance.

Riding around in circles!

The friends I used to ride with, before they became too old for it, hated to repeat a section of trail. I've always preferred to repeat sections so that you can keep improving your performance and that's what I did today. I loved sliding around the corners and noticed how some corners were becoming … Continue reading Riding around in circles!

A good Sunday ride.

I rode Healey Nab today because I knew that the man made trail would be rideable. The strong winds over the past couple of days had even dried things out in the more open areas. I covered 9.6 miles in 3 laps with over 1000 feet of climbing. I rode 2 laps of … Continue reading A good Sunday ride.