Finding grip in wet conditions.

I haven’t been able to ride for 4 days so was glad to get out today. I almost didn’t. My wife informed me that she needed to waste 2 hours of my time in the afternoon and when we arrived back home we had a short rain shower. This made me change my plan to … Continue reading Finding grip in wet conditions.

Muddy summer.

Those 2 words in my title sum up my experience since the beginning of June. Before that we had 3 of the driest months we've ever had. May was also the sunniest month on record in England but then something changed. It's been a regular pattern in summer since around 2006. We get a good … Continue reading Muddy summer.

Finding motivation.

I spent some time trying to decide where I should ride, today. Healey Nab was tempting for its quality, well drained trails. I didn't want to set off without a specific goal so just riding round the trails didn't seem to fit the bill. I considered repeating the ride I did on New Years day … Continue reading Finding motivation.

My targets for 2020.

Only 3 days into the year and I've managed 2 rides already. Today I started by the same route as New Years day but soon realised that the ground was far wetter than it was 2 days ago. After the first off road section I decided to take a slightly longer road route to White … Continue reading My targets for 2020.

Making an everyday ride exciting.

After a wet weekend we're enjoying a dry day, today. I walked the dog and found Duxbury woods to be very muddy. Fortunately Freddie doesn't care. I'm not concerned when walking but it was certainly going to affect my mountain biking. The only realistic option, apart from a road ride, was to ride to Healey … Continue reading Making an everyday ride exciting.

Wet weather trail riding.

It didn't rain today but trail conditions are very wet. It's just, for me, a question of accepting that fact then thinking of a ride that will still be enjoyable. Too many rocks and roots could be dangerous and too much mud is unlikely to be much fun, so today I decided to ride a … Continue reading Wet weather trail riding.

Mud doesn’t matter.

We've had 12 consecutive days of rain and it's muddy. Despite that I've had a really good ride today. I gave it a lot of thought before I set off. I wanted something which was worthwhile, exciting and not just a mud fest. I have loved my riding at Coppull Mill. The mill is now … Continue reading Mud doesn’t matter.

Priorities of a mountain biker.

It would be simple if my only priority was to ride my bike though life might be  little one dimensional. Today I wanted to fit in a bike ride especially since the weather forecast didn't look good. Rain this afternoon and a wet weekend with the chance of snow. What happened to the spring like … Continue reading Priorities of a mountain biker.