A better ride.

The weather has been warming to a heady 7 celcius over the last few days, thawing any remaining ice and snow. A warm front has passed over giving rain but today was dry in it’s wake. Dry is not something which could be said of the ground but mud would be preferable to the iceContinue reading “A better ride.”

Time to train.

It’s Monday and I haven’t ridden my mountain bike since Thursday. In the current muddy conditions I struggled to think of a ride which seemed exciting but I knew what to do. I’d do a harder training ride because I know that working hard on the bike is just about the best tool to motivateContinue reading “Time to train.”

Another muddy ride.

We’ve had plenty of rain in the last week and at this time of year the ground takes a long time to dry up. It was inevitable that my ride yesterday would be on soaking wet surfaces which limits my riding options. Healey Nab, my nearest hill, seemed like the best bet. The man madeContinue reading “Another muddy ride.”