Should I be doing this?

Today I rode a natural trail from home to Rivington Pike but realised at one point that I was taking a big risk. I wondered afterwards if I should be giving safety more thought and stop riding some of the things which were routine for me 20 years ago. I started today's ride on a … Continue reading Should I be doing this?

Back to nature.

My last ride, 6 days ago, was 34.5 miles in length and the focus was the 21 miles of purpose built trail at Dalby forest. I enjoyed the ride but felt that the exciting sections were few and far between. Today I thought I needed another longer ride after 6 days. We're also going away … Continue reading Back to nature.

Dalby Forest, ridden and reviewed.

I've been away on holiday for the last week in North Yorkshire and naturally I took my bike. I chose the Boardman FS Pro with the intention of riding the full Dalby Forest red graded trail. I'd read plenty of reviews of the trail with popular sources such as Moredirt giving it 4 out of … Continue reading Dalby Forest, ridden and reviewed.