An exciting way to waste my time.

After my last ride I wrote that too short a ride is a waste of time. This was in reference to a challenge that has been placed in my path by another user of the app. Strava. It is not just a cycling app., mapping your rides through GPS and comparing your performance on segments … Continue reading An exciting way to waste my time.

Back to training.

My last few rides have been trail rides where I've had an objective to reach and return from, rather than a structured training ride. I don't want to allow my improved fitness to diminish so today I decided on a ride with a structured training element. I'd ride to Brinscall Woods and do 10 laps … Continue reading Back to training.

How good are cycling apps?

Today I had to collect the car I dropped off on Monday, having had a new brake servo fitted. The ride is a fairly straight line to the north. Do you find when travelling north, and this may only apply to the northern hemisphere, that you seem to do more uphills than downhills? If you … Continue reading How good are cycling apps?