Bike and body maintenance.

I recently changed the chainring of my Boardman FS Pro mountain bike. I'd been losing the chain occasionally so thought it was time. The 3 components of the drive train, chain, chainring and cassette of, in this case 11 gears, all wear together so often if you change one part the chain slips and you … Continue reading Bike and body maintenance.

A totally different ride.

Today I needed to have my car looked at. It's an unusual car and seems to cause my local garage a few headaches so I thought my best bet was to take it to a specialist north of Preston. I could have caught a bus back to Preston then changed to another bus or train … Continue reading A totally different ride.

Riding a homemade bike!

Actually it's only the front fork which is homemade but the bike has been transformed. I'd rather think of this fork as hand engineered or some similar epithet, it then sounds much safer and like something you'd actually want to ride. I confess I was slightly nervous before my ride and contemplated as I walked … Continue reading Riding a homemade bike!

A little ride and a new project.

Today I took the Boardman to ride 3 laps of Healey Nab. It was sunny when I set off but rather chilly. We must have been close to a frost early this morning and the leaves have started to fall. We haven't had a cold snap to kick the autumn off but I just think … Continue reading A little ride and a new project.

Creating a monster……

.....or, more precisely, a Beast. Stick with it, all will become clear. I thought that today was stupidly wet for an off road ride, though I admit this doesn't usually deter me. My wife had told me after breakfast that she expected the certain demise of the washing machine if I went off road today, … Continue reading Creating a monster……

Rain of biblical proportions!

The rain has continued to be very heavy but not heavy enough to deter a determined rider! Since my last ride on the newly acquired but 23 year old Proflex, I've given the forks a service, cleaning the internals and lubricating them. They feel much smoother and have lost a lot of the notchiness which … Continue reading Rain of biblical proportions!

Nostalgia. Is it worthwhile?

I bought a 1996 vintage mountain bike on Ebay. It was cheap. Although there is a growing classic MTB scene prices for most older bikes are still low so if you can't afford £100,000 for a classic motorcycle you can still afford to treat yourself. My newly acquired Proflex Attack LE cost me a mere … Continue reading Nostalgia. Is it worthwhile?