An exciting way to waste my time.

After my last ride I wrote that too short a ride is a waste of time. This was in reference to a challenge that has been placed in my path by another user of the app. Strava. It is not just a cycling app., mapping your rides through GPS and comparing your performance on segments … Continue reading An exciting way to waste my time.

Meeting a world champion.

I met a world champion on my ride today! The weather forecast have been rather pessimistic over the last few days. I was expecting a poor weekend. Today has been overcast but with no rain in the morning so I decided to ride. I knew the ground would be wet after a few rainy days … Continue reading Meeting a world champion.

Do you always need a reason to ride?

I'll also be featuring a picture of weed growing at the side of the trail! Today I had time to ride but where and for what purpose? The rain early in the morning was biblical but by midday the roads were dry, due, I'm sure to the strong breeze. I knew the trail would still … Continue reading Do you always need a reason to ride?