How did all the mud get here?

I had a plan for today's ride but I just hadn't expected the ground to be so muddy. We have not had much rain this week, as far as I recall, but last night at bedtime we did get a short, heavy shower. This morning the weather was good with a mixture of sunshine and … Continue reading How did all the mud get here?

Changing trails.

After the driest spring on record in England we’ve had a very wet period. The temperatures have dropped from nearly 30 Celsius a couple of weeks ago to only 13 Celcius (55 Fahrenheit) for this morning’s ride. It is also windy now but the good news is that this will help to dry the soaking … Continue reading Changing trails.

First wet ride in over two months!

Today started with drizzle. You wouldn’t really call it rain, it was more like mist but it did dampen the ground. I’d walked the dog early on, before it started, but it didn’t look like it would wet me so off I went for a mountain bike ride. After my last ride on my 2004 … Continue reading First wet ride in over two months!

How can you know you’re getting fitter?

I like to feel fit. It's a life affirming thing to feel that you're in a good physical position. I also know that it gets harder as you get older and through mountain biking I've measured some deterioration! It isn't something to be too sad about and failing to accept the inevitable march of time … Continue reading How can you know you’re getting fitter?

Places from my childhood.

The rain has continued so today I thought it would be good to do a ride with more tarmac and less dirt. I haven't ridden to Hunter's Hill very often on my mountain bike but it was a place I rode as a child and youth. I lived then in Parbold, a village about 12 … Continue reading Places from my childhood.


We had a hot, dry Easter and the weather afterwards looked good. Since the beginning of June, though, things haven't looked so bright. Today's Wednesday, the eighth day of rain and the future is looking different to what we'd expect in June. The jet stream is the main determining factor in our weather in England. … Continue reading Summer?