Riding Rivington.

If you were to ask a mountain biker from our area about places to ride I’m sure that “Rivington” would be mentioned very soon or possibly first. When I rode regularly with friends we used the area around the tiny village of Rivington very regularly, all year round. Recently, and especially this year, I haven’tContinue reading “Riding Rivington.”

Taking a risk.

Mountain biking is intrinsically risky. The chances of injury are something we have to accept to enjoy the sport. Today I rode Rivington which is quite a big area of excellent MTBing. I took a considerable risk on one long downhill despite having thought that I should take it easy and try to learn theContinue reading “Taking a risk.”

Last ride of 2018.

I’ve had a good year with no injuries. I’ve got my 3 bikes into good order. I’m not just riding around on any of them with known faults. For my last ride of the year I rode from home to Rivington. It’s a big area and has always been popular with mountain bikers. I didContinue reading “Last ride of 2018.”