Riding flat corners.

For several rides it seems like I’ve only ridden single track and bermed (banked) manmade trails. Of course I enjoy this kind of riding but my favourite trails tend to be natural trails with flat corners. Here I can reach what, to me, is the nirvana of mountain biking. That moment when you reach theContinue reading “Riding flat corners.”

26 inch wheels.

On my last 2 rides I used bikes with 29” then 27.5” wheels. For comparison, today, I chose to ride one of my classic mountain bikes which has old school 26” wheels. This is the wheel size used in the embryonic Californian scene which developed into mountain biking as we now know it. I rodeContinue reading “26 inch wheels.”

Muddy summer.

Those 2 words in my title sum up my experience since the beginning of June. Before that we had 3 of the driest months we’ve ever had. May was also the sunniest month on record in England but then something changed. It’s been a regular pattern in summer since around 2006. We get a goodContinue reading “Muddy summer.”

An easier ride.

My last 2 rides have been quite intense. 5 days ago I rode 5 continuous, high speed laps of Healey Nab which took me 57 minutes and 48 seconds. 3 days ago I rode 30 minutes up the canal bank, which may seem easy in itself, but I then made sure I got back inContinue reading “An easier ride.”