Not worth riding?

There have been few times in my entire mountain biking life when, after a ride, I've thought that it hadn't been worth getting out. After almost a fortnight with snow on the ground the temperature has now risen causing the remnants of the snow to turn to a mixture of slush and hard, compacted ice … Continue reading Not worth riding?

You need the right type of snow.

I wasn't impressed on my last ride. It had snowed but the snow was melting in places and forming ice in others. It wasn't cold enough to freeze the thick mud and I didn't enjoy the unpredictable trail conditions. I was aware that what I really needed was no snow at all or more snow … Continue reading You need the right type of snow.

Is it worth riding in ice and snow?

After 4 days without a ride I was eager to get out today. The problem was that I'd woken yesterday to a snow shower which had left a thin covering. We walked our dog, Freddie, and I think it may have been the first time in his three and a half years that he's experienced … Continue reading Is it worth riding in ice and snow?