Some people have lots of trophies in their houses from things they’ve competed in or won at school. Ours is not such a house. My son has won trophies in the Scouts, for instance, but had to hand them back after having it for a year. I’ve never bothered saving things like the medals youContinue reading “Trophies.”

Finding Valhalla.

To a viking warrior heaven was Valhalla, a paradise of drinking, eating and fighting. In my personal Valhalla I’d drop the fighting and replace it with mountain biking! The north of England had a long history of Viking invasion, starting with raids as far back as 793 AD. Vikings were not just raiders and thievesContinue reading “Finding Valhalla.”

Back to the woods.

The weather continues to be glorious. I heard that we are getting less high clouds because of a lack of vapour trails from aircraft. As I look out now I can’t see any in a clear blue sky. Water vapour is maybe the only greenhouse gas, which is why we stay warm on a cloudyContinue reading “Back to the woods.”

Trying for a target.

I wanted to have a go at one of my two targets for this year whilst we’re still enjoying dry weather. Last year I set a time of 22 minutes and 19 seconds on the Strava segment “Great Hill, out and back”. Excitingly I beat the existing time for the segment thus far in 2019Continue reading “Trying for a target.”

Draining the tank!

You could just jump on a bike and maintain the same speed until you couldn’t hold that speed any longer. This may give you a good workout and would certainly take you to the limit of your ability. On a mountain bike ride, though, the terrain changes all the time. You climb, you descend andContinue reading “Draining the tank!”

Great Hill.

Today I repeated the ride I did on New Years day. I rode to the top of Great Hill at a height of 1,250 feet. With some descents along the way I climbed a total of 1,484 feet. This is a little over a fifth of the climbing I’ll do on my big challenge forContinue reading “Great Hill.”