A small world.

My mountain biking world seems rather small these days. I used to occasionally ride trails centres in North Wales or the Lake District with friends but they’ve all given up riding, now. I was going to expand my horizons this coming weekend with a ride of over 100 km but I’ve called it off becauseContinue reading “A small world.”

A different way up.

After a ride of around 45 miles on fairly level ground, much of it along canal towpaths, I wanted to do another slightly longer ride than usual today but incorporate some climbing. I had the idea to ride a long climb to Hordern Stoops, which is a high point when you take the tarmac roadContinue reading “A different way up.”

Riding Healey Nab.

It’s good to ride somewhere new but I also love the familiarity of a quality local trail. Today I rode 4 laps of Healey Nab but used different climbs and descents each time. This makes it seem like a longer, varied trail ride without venturing far from home. Last night we had friends round forContinue reading “Riding Healey Nab.”