Returning to the source.

Today I contemplated riding to the Egg Hillock. My last ride was memorable, having made a climb which I hadn't achieved in years. The problem with that was that if I didn't make the tough climb it would all seem like a waste of time. I decided instead to return to the source of our … Continue reading Returning to the source.

Making an everyday ride exciting.

After a wet weekend we're enjoying a dry day, today. I walked the dog and found Duxbury woods to be very muddy. Fortunately Freddie doesn't care. I'm not concerned when walking but it was certainly going to affect my mountain biking. The only realistic option, apart from a road ride, was to ride to Healey … Continue reading Making an everyday ride exciting.

What a treat!

After several days of rainy weather we now have a fabulous treat of 4 or 5 days of dry, sunny weather. We had friends round last night, ate too much, possibly drank too much and stayed up late. I felt OK this morning, though, so was looking forwards to a ride. Our son had visited … Continue reading What a treat!

Busy trails at Rivington.

A sunny Sunday at this time of year was bound to see a lot of people enjoying a bit of relaxation. I left home mid morning and rode the 4 miles to Rivington. After that I had a big area of off road riding to explore and today chose a loop of just over 4 … Continue reading Busy trails at Rivington.

The best laid plans of mice and men……

  .......and cows! Today was a good day to try for a sub 11 minute lap of Healey Nab red graded trail. I’ve mentioned often that this is one of my targets for the year and I’ve had a few goes at it with a best time on Strava of 11 minutes 8 seconds, though … Continue reading The best laid plans of mice and men……

Something new.

Something that was new about today  is that it hasn't yet rained after 14 consecutive days when it has rained at some point. On the way to the north end of Healey Nab, my local hill, I've noticed a sign indicating a footpath to St Barnabas church. It's a gravel road, so today I thought … Continue reading Something new.

A target achieved at last.

In January I set myself some targets for this years mountain biking. I haven't had too many attempts at most of them but one target has stubbornly resisted me despite multiple attempts. When you keep missing the target it becomes a psychological as well as physical battle. I was starting to struggle with the belief … Continue reading A target achieved at last.

Suprised. Shocked, even.

It's Easter Sunday and almost too hot to sit in the sun. something we're not used to in northern England, especially not as early in the year as this. What suprised me next was that when I said "We can't just sit around all day" to my wife, she said "I suppose you want to … Continue reading Suprised. Shocked, even.

A great ride.

It's easy to call a ride great when you ride Great Hill near Chorley in Lancashire. The weather has been amazing. Dry with cloudless skies. This time last year we were enjoying the coldest of springs. I think it broke records. The problem with the weather in northern England is that we often have the … Continue reading A great ride.

Finding new challenges.

Having done a hard day's work on Saturday I decided to wait until Monday to do my next ride. I didn't feel on top form, still recovering from working on a long garden fence but I still wanted my ride to have a purpose. It has been quite breezy today and I thought it might … Continue reading Finding new challenges.