A blast from the past.

My last mountain bike ride was the biggest I’ve done for many years, not just in terms of distance but more importantly the massive amount of tough climbing, often on rough, rocky surfaces. I rode it on my Whyte JW4 2004 vintage full suspension bike. You can read about my adventure here…..The Mary Towneley Loop,Continue reading “A blast from the past.”

Man Flu.

Newspaper reports have confirmed that men suffer far worse from respiratory infections than women! “Man flu is real, reported the Daily Mirror . Many newspapers reported the news that scientists have found men suffer from flu more because they “invest in their spirit of adventure at the expense of their immune system” (The Daily Telegraph ).” ThereContinue reading “Man Flu.”

A bit of a shock.

I got a bit of a shock when I found that the shock absorber on my Boardman mountain bike would cost around £350 to replace. Even with a discount it’s being offered by a big supplier, Chain Reaction Cycles, for £279. How can they be so expensive? All they consist of is a tube containingContinue reading “A bit of a shock.”

Riding a homemade bike!

Actually it’s only the front fork which is homemade but the bike has been transformed. I’d rather think of this fork as hand engineered or some similar epithet, it then sounds much safer and like something you’d actually want to ride. I confess I was slightly nervous before my ride and contemplated as I walkedContinue reading “Riding a homemade bike!”

What a treat!

After several days of rainy weather we now have a fabulous treat of 4 or 5 days of dry, sunny weather. We had friends round last night, ate too much, possibly drank too much and stayed up late. I felt OK this morning, though, so was looking forwards to a ride. Our son had visitedContinue reading “What a treat!”

Suspension of Disbelief.

Suspension of disbelief is when you throw away logic and accept something surreal for the sake of enjoyment. Many might not believe it’s possible to build a part for a mountain bike which is as complex as a suspension fork. Some might fear it’s safety or think that it just can’t work. Maybe you thinkContinue reading “Suspension of Disbelief.”

Creating a monster……

…..or, more precisely, a Beast. Stick with it, all will become clear. I thought that today was stupidly wet for an off road ride, though I admit this doesn’t usually deter me. My wife had told me after breakfast that she expected the certain demise of the washing machine if I went off road today,Continue reading “Creating a monster……”

More suspension testing.

I have been trying my Rockshox Pike fork with different numbers of volume spacers in my last few ride. For todays ride I removed them all. This would give me a more linear spring rate, rather than starting soft and ramping up as the spring compressed. The expectation is that the fork wouldn’t perform asContinue reading “More suspension testing.”