Back to nature.

My last ride, 6 days ago, was 34.5 miles in length and the focus was the 21 miles of purpose built trail at Dalby forest. I enjoyed the ride but felt that the exciting sections were few and far between. Today I thought I needed another longer ride after 6 days. We're also going away … Continue reading Back to nature.

Something new.

Something that was new about today  is that it hasn't yet rained after 14 consecutive days when it has rained at some point. On the way to the north end of Healey Nab, my local hill, I've noticed a sign indicating a footpath to St Barnabas church. It's a gravel road, so today I thought … Continue reading Something new.

A short ride in the sunshine.

The weather has been lovely today, but not especially warm. I would have waited until tomorrow to ride but I've been asked to do a days work. I can take the dog along, so that's alright. He's never been out with me for a day of gardening and is not the kind of dog who could … Continue reading A short ride in the sunshine.