Another ride of discovery.

I had a decision to make before I set off today. I've been losing the chain from my Boardman's chain ring because, I presume, it's worn to the point of needing replacement. In an ideal world you'd replace the chain ring, chain and 11 speed cassette all together but I've had a bit of misfortune … Continue reading Another ride of discovery.

A sunny day for a few laps of Healey Nab.

A month ago I was doubtful as to whether I’d ever be able to write the title of this post. After almost 30 years of riding my nearest hill the larch trees have succumbed to a fungal disease and all 2,500 have had to be cut down. This has destroyed much of the man made … Continue reading A sunny day for a few laps of Healey Nab.

A little exploration and some really good news.

A while ago I explored a very remote trail in wet conditions and thought it would be good to check out the whole length in better weather. It hasn't rained for around 3 weeks and the ground is nice and dry so I took a road route to the south side of our local hill, … Continue reading A little exploration and some really good news.

Still finding new trails after all these years!

    I’ve often thought that I knew every trail within easy reach of home. Sometimes, though, I’ve ridden along with someone new and they’ve shown me a trail I didn’t know. Within the last year I’ve been surprised to discover several trails in places I’ve been riding forever. Today I did a little exploration … Continue reading Still finding new trails after all these years!

Things will never be the same again.

Today was too good a day to stay indoors. The sun was shining sporadically early in the morning and by 11 am we had clear blue skies. The rain we've had over the winter was hardly likely to have dried up overnight but my main intention for today's ride was to do some hill climbing and take a look at Healey Nab. I've seen some pictures on Facebook of the tree cutting and wanted to see how it had affected the man made trails. An easy plan was to ride up Great Hill and return via the Nab.

Getting high.

I'll admit that I'm seriously addicted to mountain biking. The physical exertion, slight sense of danger and my love of mechanical things make it the perfect sport for me. I spend some time thinking about mountain biking even when I'm not riding and today, whilst walking my dog, Freddie, I had the chance to plan … Continue reading Getting high.

Times they are a changing.

No, I'm not a Bob Dylan fan either. But things are certainly going to change in my mountain biking life. This morning started dry but was scheduled to get wetter later so I took the decision to get out early. Just a quick ride around Healey Nab because I knew it would be all rideable. … Continue reading Times they are a changing.

A glorious autumn day but I’ve heard something tragic.

A short period of better weather is quite a treat at this time of year. The trails are very muddy but in England we ride anything! I took the mainly off road route to the north side of Healey Nab and had already ridden for 23 minutes when I took 2 of the photographs in … Continue reading A glorious autumn day but I’ve heard something tragic.