Riding Healey Nab.

It’s good to ride somewhere new but I also love the familiarity of a quality local trail. Today I rode 4 laps of Healey Nab but used different climbs and descents each time. This makes it seem like a longer, varied trail ride without venturing far from home. Last night we had friends round forContinue reading “Riding Healey Nab.”

Wild weather.

After a very rainy week we also got strong winds today. I decided that my only option was to ignore the weather and ride to a high and remote moor! I’d ride to the ruined and deserted farms set above Brinscall, back through the woods and over Healey Nab. I set off with the windContinue reading “Wild weather.”

Muddy summer.

Those 2 words in my title sum up my experience since the beginning of June. Before that we had 3 of the driest months we’ve ever had. May was also the sunniest month on record in England but then something changed. It’s been a regular pattern in summer since around 2006. We get a goodContinue reading “Muddy summer.”

High and dry.

After May being the sunniest month ever in England, June was not so good. 2 days into July and things haven’t improved. At least I’ve got mountain biking to cheer me up! I have to take weather conditions into account to plan a ride. Even if it had been sunny earlier today the ground isContinue reading “High and dry.”

Finding Valhalla.

To a viking warrior heaven was Valhalla, a paradise of drinking, eating and fighting. In my personal Valhalla I’d drop the fighting and replace it with mountain biking! The north of England had a long history of Viking invasion, starting with raids as far back as 793 AD. Vikings were not just raiders and thievesContinue reading “Finding Valhalla.”

A bigger ride.

Despite some doubt that I’ll now be able to do a my 47 mile ride any time soon I thought it would still be a good idea to try a bigger ride today, after another longer than usual break. At least we can still ride in England. In France and Italy no leisure rides areContinue reading “A bigger ride.”

A good training ride.

For a variety of reasons I haven’t ridden for 5 days so was keen to get a good ride in today to maintain my fitness. With Healey Nab out of action for training I decided to ride to the top of Great Hill, especially concentrating on the Strava segment “Great Hill, out and back”. IContinue reading “A good training ride.”