More exploring and a change of bike.

When I washed my bike after the last ride I found that I had a broken spoke in the rear wheel. In the old days, when the brakes used the wheel rim to slow you, you'd usually know if this happened because you could feel a buckle in the wheel when you used the brake. … Continue reading More exploring and a change of bike.

Nostalgia. Is it worthwhile?

I bought a 1996 vintage mountain bike on Ebay. It was cheap. Although there is a growing classic MTB scene prices for most older bikes are still low so if you can't afford £100,000 for a classic motorcycle you can still afford to treat yourself. My newly acquired Proflex Attack LE cost me a mere … Continue reading Nostalgia. Is it worthwhile?

Short but sweet.

Today I rode for just 1 hour and 6 minutes. I leave home and am on the trails in 5 minutes so for regular riding I save hours of time when many riders would be driving to the trails. Once I get off road the action starts straight away. After a short, straight shale track … Continue reading Short but sweet.

Every day’s a school day.

I may have left school over 40 years ago but I'm still learning. I suppose we all are. Today I thought I'd try another one of my mountain biking targets set in January, a lap of the healey Nab red graded trail in under 11 minutes. Last time I rode it in anger I was … Continue reading Every day’s a school day.

Riding is in the mind……..

…..though the legs come into it as well! After my success achieving a target set in January in my last ride I thought I should have a go at one of my other targets. This one I haven't ridden successfully for many years. I first rode it in 1998, if memory serves and for a … Continue reading Riding is in the mind……..

A short ride in the sunshine.

The weather has been lovely today, but not especially warm. I would have waited until tomorrow to ride but I've been asked to do a days work. I can take the dog along, so that's alright. He's never been out with me for a day of gardening and is not the kind of dog who could … Continue reading A short ride in the sunshine.

Wetter than an otter’s pocket!

I couldn't ride on Friday so it's been 5 days since my last ride. It's a shame because Friday was fairly dry but we've had a lot of rain since. I thought about a road ride but they don't really appeal, so I rode Healey nab. I covered 9.46 miles but only really did one … Continue reading Wetter than an otter’s pocket!