Pretending it’s summer.

Due to the trail conditions, a mixture of ice, snow and sticky mud, my riding has been a little limited recently. I decided to improve the situation yesterday, by planning a trail ride for today suited to dry conditions and pretending it was summer. Yesterday was dry and windy whilst last night we had a … Continue reading Pretending it’s summer.

Sport and transport.

I usually only use my bikes for sport but in the past two days I've used my Proflex to go shopping. Yesterday I first visited a cash machine where I didn't even need to get off the bike. It was vastly more convenient than having to park the car 100 yards away on the car … Continue reading Sport and transport.

Clear blue skies.

Today we've had fantastic weather. Not a cloud in the sky all day. Despite the popular term "April showers" it's not unusual for us to have a good, dry month in April. Before the vegetation grows too high it can be some of the best mountain biking of the year. Today I returned to the … Continue reading Clear blue skies.

Sun and wind.

It was sunny when I set off for my ride on Wednesday but rather windy. Storm Gareth (they give storms a name these days) had been blowing strongly but had calmed down. Although solar power is of little use in Britain we are currently generating a sixth of our electricity from the wind and this … Continue reading Sun and wind.