Finding motivation.

I spent some time trying to decide where I should ride, today. Healey Nab was tempting for its quality, well drained trails. I didn't want to set off without a specific goal so just riding round the trails didn't seem to fit the bill. I considered repeating the ride I did on New Years day … Continue reading Finding motivation.

A trail ride before Christmas.

Today I finally got out after a 6 day break which must be one of my longest breaks this year. I love Christmas but it does require a lot of preparation. I've also recently cut an oak tree down in my back garden. It was just getting too big after only 21 years. Who knew … Continue reading A trail ride before Christmas.

First ride since Christmas. Clicking on the link above should give you more information than you could possibly want about today's ride! Just click on the map for the details. It was good to get out today but with the rain we've had recently there were only 2 realistic choices of places to ride. I chose Healey Nab … Continue reading First ride since Christmas.

Christmas is on it’s way……

I love Christmas but it can mess up my riding. Yesterday I did probably my last ride before Father Christmas calls! With the amount of rain we've had the prospects weren't great. I decided to do some exploration locally in a place I've┬árarely ridden before. The area was a Royal Ordnance bomb factory from WW2 … Continue reading Christmas is on it’s way……

Wetter than an otter’s pocket!

I couldn't ride on Friday so it's been 5 days since my last ride. It's a shame because Friday was fairly dry but we've had a lot of rain since. I thought about a road ride but they don't really appeal, so I rode Healey nab. I covered 9.46 miles but only really did one … Continue reading Wetter than an otter’s pocket!

Looks like winter is here!

I haven't been able to ride for 4 days due to the weather and not wanting to upset my wife. I'm sure she thought we had important things to do at the weekend in the run up to Christmas and would have seen no reason for me to ride in very wet conditions. For the … Continue reading Looks like winter is here!