Younger readers might think that I’m about to review an exciting new mountain bike called the Sciatica, whilst older readers are likely to know that sciatica is a debilitating pain in the legs!

Sciatica is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve which runs from the spine to the legs. It causes a sharp pain in the hip but can also extend downwards as far as the toes. I haven’t suffered for a fairly long time but on Friday I had a particularly bad recurrence. I didn’t ride until Tuesday and then only a road ride. I usually keep well hydrated and do some stretching exercises for sciatica relief but this time it hasn’t seemed to help. Still, it’s now Wednesday and I’m on top of the problem. I hope it was the bike ride which helped!

Despite annoying leg pains being middle aged is generally good. Our son is persuing the career he has always wanted and the house is paid for. I work part time and have lots of time to follow my passions such as mountain biking. I’ll be riding on Friday and all I have to do for the rest of the week is to walk the dog and do one small job making an item I’ve sold on Ebay. Then there’s the garden to do and the car to service. I really am middle aged, aren’t I?

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