Not quite too wet to ride.

The picture above was taken above Birkacre on the ride home.

We seem to have had more rain than at any time in the winter. After 3 days without a ride, though, I was desperate to get out today. It hasn’t rained today and the sun has shone but that was never going to be enough to dry the trails. I’ve been looking forward to returning to Coppull to ride the unfortunately named “Faccy track” which I rediscovered a couple of weeks ago. First I had to get there so I rode to Birkacre and slithered around on the fairly smooth trails. It really was about as slippery as it can get and fallen leaves collected on the inside of the turns only add to the challenge.

Going on to Coppull I rode the trail 3 times, each time a little faster than the last. What a delight it is to have found such a sinuous segment so close to home. I’ll be riding it a good few times in the summer, I’m sure. I found when I got home that I wasn’t as quick as I had been on the first occasion in the much wetter conditions of today but was pleased to find that the fastest rider on Strava from last year has ridden the track recently. He was a second slower than my time 2 weeks ago so I feel a virtual race coming on. It’s strange that a cycling app. can motivate you so much. It’s hardly important to win a race that only you know is happening but it’s still stupidly satisfying!

Happily enough my rival is my Strava nemesis. He’s always one of the fastest on the list and must like the same type of riding as I do. The bike is washed and lubricated ready for the next ride.

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