Flower of the Week, 20th May 2023.

I returned from my recent trip to Jersey, where wild flowers were many weeks ahead of those of my home in Lancashire, only to develop a stinking cold. It’s really hit me hard so I haven’t been able to get out on my mountain bike and have felt far too delicate to make much progress on my pedal powered boat project. Fortunately the garden is looking fabulous, to boost my spirits.

Being north facing, a large part of our front garden only gets sun in the morning and evening. The trick is to match the plants to where they’ll do well, not just to where you imagine they’ll look good. Our azalea has reached its peak and you’d hardly think it had leaves, the blossom is so intense.

Due once more to Global Warming we’ve had a late, cold and rather damp spring. The advantage of this is that some plants have been keeping their powder dry but will all explode at once. The next few weeks promise to be spectacular.

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